Advanced Study on the Biological Pigments in Plants Physiology

Plant physiology has become a daunting obstacle. The mysteries remain, despite the best efforts, most of the processes found can not be played in vitro, and it can not be assumed to date that information about the complex biochemical processes of the plant is properly understood. The need to produce food is an emergency in the world, so it is necessary to have some information that will allow us to advance in this sense. A major advance in the understanding would be able to be here, is a sharp change of direction the re-direct the attention to the trunk of the plants rather than the leaves; but this will allow us to better understand the mysteries of plant physiology. Through the dissociation of water molecules such as chlorophyll in plants, our discovery of the intrinsic property of melanin converts light energy into chemical energy, marking a turning point in relation to the chemical reaction considered to be the most significant in the world to date: photosynthesis.

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Dr. Arturo SolĂ­s Herrera
Human Photosynthesis® Study Center, Aguascalientes, Mexico.

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