Advanced Processing of Lateritic Ore


Nickel, cobalt, iron, silicon, aluminium, and chromium are among the metal components found in laterite ore, which is one of the mineral resources. It’s found all over the equatorial region and is mostly used as a nickel supply. However, laterite with a high nickel content is the only laterite that can be used. Despite the large deposit, the nickel-free laterite ore has never been exploited properly, and it occasionally has a significant iron component. As high-grade iron ore deposits become scarcer each year, laterite’s high iron concentration makes it an appealing iron resource. The introduction of a series of processes for using high iron content laterite ore as an iron resource. The process begins with comminution and agglomeration, followed by selective reduction of laterite ore using mixed gas, after which the physical and chemical features of laterite ore are described, including dehydration treatment. The nickel is extracted from the reduced laterite ore using a leaching method. The next stage is to use a magnetic separator to collect iron from the leached-laterite residue in the form of magnetite complex, which is then subjected to a reduction process for iron extraction.

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Hadi Purwanto
International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia.

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