Administration or Finance Positions vs Teaching. Seeking Work Satisfaction and Professional Development


The purpose of this study is to determine why some instructors choose or are compelled (?) to shift to a different job position than teaching, which is the role for which they were employed initially. The purpose of this study is to look at a) the factors that prompted teachers to transfer, b) their level of satisfaction and the issues they confront, and c) their professional growth in their new workplace.

A questionnaire was utilised to collect the data for this study. Finally, teachers who were transferred into administrative posts from 24 Administration Offices of Primary and Secondary Education in Greece completed 126 surveys.

The findings of the study revealed that transferred instructors chose this choice for personal, familial, and economic reasons, including the distance from their current domicile and the cost of living. In addition to the motivations for the venture, there is a sense of protection against the threat of dismissal and curiosity in the new item desk. Furthermore, the findings of the research revealed that the majority of transferred teachers are satisfied with their new jobs, but are optimistic about their chances of returning to the classroom. Teachers who chose to transfer willingly are more happy with their new employment than those who were forced to do so.

The working environment does not provide satisfaction, nor does the opportunity of professional advancement, for which the host institution appears to lack particular initiatives. The organisation should increase mentorship and coaching in order to “exploit” the brilliant and experienced individuals.

Another finding of the study was that the majority of transferred teachers consider collaboration with their coworkers, continuing education and upgrading, as well as their basic training, to be the most important aspects of their professional development, factors that rank first in the study’s findings, while attending post-graduate programmes and searching for knowledge on the internet rank last.

Author(s) Details:

Mihail Diakomihalis
Department of Accounting and Finance, University of Ioannina/ Hellenic Open University, Psathaki, 481 00 Preveza, Greece.

Eleni Bolovinou
Ministry of Education / Primary Education, Psathaki, 481 00 Preveza, Greece.

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