A Yogic Dynamic Executive Function Frame Work for Linking Attention, Adjustment and Cognitive Flexibility of School Children

There is always a rapid expansion of Executive Function (EF) areas of the brain in school-aged youngsters between the ages of 5 and 13. In the provided school setting, where the children’s growing genes and their syllabus have a large impact, EF growth is slowed. During this time, the youngsters are overburdened with schoolwork, which limits their learning processes and causes them to become creatively lost in curriculum-based progress. In this study, we propose using a complementary Yoga frame to strengthen the EF. This new framework provides a yoga method programme for improving the mind’s attention, adjustment, and cognitive flexibility. Yoga as a supplement to the curriculum instils the habit of thinking about cognitive components of the brain, making their bearers more valuable and contributing to the betterment of society. Yoga frame for kids mediates the link between school curriculum and EF, resulting in improved outputs and underlying yoga benefits. Yoga practises will assist the child’s individual EF in growing and transitioning towards adolescence.

Author (S) Details

Ankita Mishra
University of Patanjali, Haridwar, Uttarkhand, India.

G. Paran Gowda
University of Patanjali, Haridwar, Uttarkhand, India.

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