A Thorough Discussion on Social Aspects of Engineering

The chapter explores the interactions and connections between the extended profession of engineering and other intangible aspects of human society. While explaining how simple human needs, which engineers once used to fulfil, were transformed into a world of almost limitless wants and desires in the 21st century, the author highlights the new challenges facing engineering today. The drive to write this chapter stems from reading the work of Nagib Callaos on “Engineering and Mete-Engineering.” One consequence of this shift in expectations affects the design, planning and development of products and services that should fulfil vague desires and fuzzy ideas. They vary totally from the previous tasks and mission of engineering in this way. Therefore, future engineering should be more emotional and inclined to include touchy topics, intangible and moral considerations. Engineering can therefore be viewed as a blend of science and art.

Author (s) Details

Amos Avny
Omnidev International, Israel.

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