A Technical Study on Tibetan Buddhist Painting and Its Traditional Method

Painting appears to play a particularly prominent role in both religious centres and ordinary Tibetans’ daily lives, among the various arts and crafts practised in Tibet. This study analyses the traditional techniques, procedures, and materials used in Tibetan Buddhist painting by witnessing Tibetan Buddhist painting in action and attending a range of exhibitions, art workshops, and other resources both at home and abroad. The technical features of Tibetan painting are largely examined based on the general usage of materials, as well as the manner and order in which they are applied, which are all examined. relates to the bulk of types of Tibetan mural paintings that are less well-known in the West. This paper aims to depict a wide and sometimes confusing spectrum of Tibetan Buddhist art styles and materials. Finally, the author thinks that it will provide more evidence of Tibet’s historic creative wealth’s potential influence on current artists working in this field.

Author (s) Details

Jia Peng
Longhu U City, Hu Xi, University Town, Gaoxin District, Chongqing, 401331, China.

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