A Study on the Influence of Travel Motivation, Information Sources and Tourism Crisis on Tourists’ Destination Image


The goal of this study is to create a theoretical model of destination image based on visitors’ trip motive, information, and crisis perception. The purpose of this study is to help destination marketers establish a competitive position by evaluating tourists’ travel motivation, knowledge, and crisis perception, which is critical to the development of travellers’ perceptions of their destinations. The model, according to evidence, identifies the influence of travel motivation, tourist destination image, information sources, and tourism crises. These data suggest that in both typical and unusual situations, attitudes toward Thailand’s travel motivation, travel motive, crises, and information sources tended to influence Thailand’s destination image. Tourism crises have also been discovered to have a direct and significant impact on Thailand’s destination image. During crises, the Thai government can take steps to enhance tourism while safety and security are gradually restored, and once the situation has stabilised. The study’s findings have important management implications for destination marketing executives.

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Paitoon Chetthamrongchai
Department of Marketing, Faculty of Business Administration, Kasetsart University, Bagnkok, Thailand.

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