A Study on Human Capital: A Focus Study on Schools of Business (SOBS) in Telangana & Karnataka

In the Digi-Era of Internet of Things (IOT), Virtual and Viral Technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI),
the Analytics reshaped and redefined the Science of Workforce. By the Year 2025, 75% of the Total
Workforce will be Millennials, yet, large percentage of Millennials prefer Non-Profits, Small Business
or Entrepreneurship. (www.oracle.com). An Intuit Global Study predicts that by 2020, the 40% of the
Gig Economy will be the Contingent Workers. The Golden Age of Human Capital Management shifts
from Employee Engagement to Employee Experience enroute Employee Turnover. According to
Bersin by Deloitte Research (2018), the Average Voluntary Turnover Rate is 13% and it impairs the
growth indices (PwC, 2017). Lack of analytic acumen or skills among HR Professionals (HBR) has
caught fire recently with a welter of reports, books and commentary. In the light of the above, Human
Capital Talentum Analytics (HCTA) emerged as one of the most predictive and a powerful tool that
attracts, hires and retains talents resulting increased revenue, customer satisfaction or market share.

Author (s) Details

Dr. K. Bhanu Prakash
Professor& CFO, MN INFRA PVT., LTD., Tadepalligudem, India.

Mr. P. Siva Reddy
Assistant Professor, School of Management Studies, Lakireddy Bali Reddy College of Engineering (Autonomous), Mylavaram, India.

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