A Study on Cytomegalovirus Infection among Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infected Individuals on Highly Active Anti-retroviral Therapy in North-Central Nigeria

Background: Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection is common among HIV-infected individuals. Its

contribution to morbidity and mortality became more apparent following introduction of highly active

antiretroviral therapy (HAART) which improved survival among HIV-infected individuals.

Objectives: This study aimed at determining the prevalence of both active and latent CMV infections

among HIV-infected individuals on HAART in Ilorin, Nigeria.

Methods: A total of 360 consented HIV-1 patients were recruited for the study. About 5 ml of blood

and sociodemographic data were collected from each patient. Plasma from the blood was tested for

anti-CMV IgM and IgG presence using ELISA.

Results: Of the 360 participants tested, 42 (11.7%) and 265 (73.6%) were respectively anti-CMV IgM

and IgG antibodies positive representing active and latent infection rates respectively. Gender and

age were the correlates of IgM seropositivity while age, occupation and marital status correlated with

IgG seropositivity. Occupation, marital status, use of HAART and CD4+ count were not statistically

associated with IgM level while gender, use of HAART and CD4+ count did not correlate with IgG


Conclusions: This study has demonstrated high level of latent and active CMV infection among

HAART recipients in Ilorin and highlighted the need for incorporation of antiherpes drugs in the

treatment regimen.


Author (s) Details

Augustine Udeze

Department of Microbiology, Virology Unit, University of Ilorin, P.M.B 1515 Ilorin, Nigeria.

Mutiat Odebisi-Omokanye

Department of Microbiology, Infectious Disease, Environmental Health and Toxicity Research Group, University of Ilorin, P.M.B 1515 Ilorin Nigeria.

Toluwani Ajileye

Department of Microbiology, Virology Unit, University of Ilorin, P.M.B 1515 Ilorin, Nigeria.

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