A Study on Career Choice of Management Undergraduate Students in Trincomalee Campus

The purpose of this article is to look at a study on management undergraduate students’ career choices on the Trincomalee Campus. Career choice is a key component in determining performance, individual pleasure, and society well-being. Identifying what influences undergraduates’ career choices can have a number of advantages. As a result, the purpose of this research is to investigate the impact of various factors on career choice decision-making among Management Undergraduates at the Trincomalee Campus. Within the study context, the existing literature in this regard is skeletal, and this study, by explaining the socio-demographic composition of Management Undergraduates, achieved four research objectives: to assess the level of career choice among Trincomalee Campus Management Undergraduates; to identify the priorities of factors affecting career choices; and to assess the influence of such career choice factors on the level of career choice among Management Undergraduates. The participants for this study were chosen using a basic random sampling procedure. This research takes a quantitative method. As a result, data is gathered utilising a questionnaire based on the Likert scale method. This research is limited to Trincomalee Campus students, particularly Management Students. Four variables are employed in this study to assess the factors impacting Management Undergraduates’ career choices on the Trincomalee Campus. The quantitative method is utilised to achieve the goals, and data is collected through questionnaires. A total of 100 surveys were sent to Trincomalee Campus students. Statistics are used to analyse the data. Personal, social, and technical factors, job-related factors, and campus-related factors all influenced the career choice of Management undergraduates at the Trincomalee Campus, according to the findings.

The authors advocate strong career development activities by universities through their curricula and extracurricular activities to build career awareness of the most demanding and prioritised jobs while motivating graduates to accept such available careers.

Author(S) Details

Kumuthinidevi Shanthrakumar
Department of Business and Management Studies, Trincomalee Campus, Eastern University, Sri Lanka.

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