A Study on Attitude of Butterflies at Forage on Diverse Morphological Flowers

The purpose of this study is to determine the etiquette of butterflies landing on many morphologically different flowers and their wing locations on flowers. On sunny days, 30 butterfly species were recorded landing on flowers. Butterflies forage for flowers with their wings in a variety of positions. The observations are divided into two categories: (a) wing locations during scavenge, i.e. foraging, and (b) alighting model. On the basis of the position of their important organs in relation to other floral elements, flowers are divided into seven categories. Contact of different body parts of butterflies with the important organs of the flowers varies from species to species based on floral structure and position of butterflies landing on the blooms. Because the butterflies visited a variety of flower species, the current study proves that they are generalists and supports the costly information concept.

Author (S) Details

G. Meerabai
Department of Botany, Rayalaseema University, Kurnool, A.P., India.

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