A Review on Transdisciplinary Approach and Challenges on Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology is an arising technology that impacts in our day-to-day life as a major part. This wearable science become appealing due to its content, speed, storage, anticipating behavior, and multifunctional capability. All wearable instruments must have sensing potential. This paper focuses on various reviews, features, and uses of wearable technologies and is emphasize with basic plans on the major science. This paper helps the researchers the one are beginners in this wearable science. This platform keeps us more handy and comfortable by trusting in allure various potential. It gives a summary of the interaction between persons and technology. It handles big data states that can intelligent to handle huge amounts of news at a very high speed which maybe able to process over occasion which conceives perfect value and communicates to humans according to schedule. Wearable technology plays a fault-finding role as the heart of bureaucracy to deliver the dossier transformation. It is a type of gadget that form our life smooth by keeping us fit, flexible, and general updates according to schedule. This survey is towards the various instruments on wearable, their challenges, and research from now on.

Author(s) Details:

D. Bhuvana Suganthi,
BNM Institute of Technolgy Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

M. K. Vidhyalakshmi,
Department of Computing Technologies, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai, India.

A. Punitha,
MAM School of Engineering, Thiruchirappalli, India.

S. Raghupathi,
University of Technology and Applied Science, Ibri, India.

M. Subhapradha,
MAM School of Engineering, Thiruchirappalli, India.

Please see the link here: https://stm.bookpi.org/RPST-V7/article/view/9973

Keywords: Wearables, big data, security, entertainment, transdisciplinary, smartphones, fitness, mobile payments, internet of things, privacy, financial technology

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