A Recent Approach: Ohm’s Law Refutes Current Version of the Special Theory of Relativity

It is shown that the law of Ohm is not only the main law of electrical engineering, but also a law of extreme significance in general scientific worldview, as it confirms physical truth theoretically and experimentally in the most indisputable way of imaginary numbers in the interpretation of Steinmetz. Thus, the concept of non-exceedance of light speed, which is central in the special theory of relativity, is refuted. In addition, alternative experiments were carried out during the study of processes in linear electrical circuits, unlike the MINOS and OPERA experiments accepted by the physical community as not sufficiently accurate, which were performed for the same purpose. Hence, as can be replicated and confirmed in any electrical engineering laboratory, they are fully accurate and definitive. As mathematics is the common language of the precise sciences, the concept of physical existence of imaginary numbers proved by electrical engineering experiments is usually scientific. Therefore, considering the concept of physical existence of imaginary numbers, all scientific theories and hypotheses in quantum mechanics, relativity theory, geophysics, cosmology, optics, radio electronics and other sciences should be modified accordingly. There is an explanation of how, in the special theory of relativity and astrophysics, this can be achieved. This approach allowed dark matter and dark energy to be clarified, corresponding to the unseen parallel universes that exist in extra dimensions. Consequently, following the creation of the Copernican heliocentric system, Ohm’s law in the interpretation of Steinmetz made it possible to take the next step in the ideological revolution, since it notes that our world is not the only one and is not the centre of the secret Multiverse. In addition, our secret Multiverse is not the only one either, and it is not the Hyperverse ‘s core.

Author(s) Details

Alexander Alexandrovich Antonov
Independent Researcher, Kiev, Ukraine.

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