A Rare Case Report on Epistaxis in Pregnancy

Introduction: Pyogenic granuloma is a benign skin and mucous membrane lesion with an unclear cause. It has been recorded as a common oral cavity lesion and a less common nasal cavity lesion. Despite the fact that its cause is unknown, pyogenic granuloma is frequently linked to pregnancy, oral contraceptives, and trauma. The goal is to diagnose and treat epistaxis during pregnancy safely for both the mother and the foetus. Case: A 22-year-old female patient with amenorrhoea for 7 months presented to the ENT opd with epistaxis and swelling in the left nasal cavity, which was eventually identified as pyogenic granuloma. Under general anaesthesia, the patient had endoscopic removal of a nasal tumour. We had to operate her because managing a pregnant woman with such a lesion was difficult. Even during radioimaging prior to surgery, there was a risk of radiation exposure. Conclusion: Pyogenic granuloma is a fast expanding lesion that should be evaluated in the differential diagnosis of a pregnant woman who has an oral and nasal tumour. The early removal of the tumour prevented subsequent issues such as foetal distress and low birth weight, as well as reduced maternal mortality and morbidity.

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Dr. Shradha
Department of ENT, Mahatma Gandhi Mission Medical College and Hospital, India.

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