A Prospective Assessment of Risk Factors for Stroke in Patients of Government General Hospital Nalgonda


Stroke is the second greatest cause of death and a major source of disability in the world. Stroke is a medical emergency that necessitates hospitalisation right away in order to treat and save lives. The purpose of this study is to identify the risk factors for stroke in patients at the Government General Hospital in Nalgonda. A prospective study was conducted on patients at the District Hospital in Nalgonda from December 2018 to April 2019. All stroke patients were checked in the hospital for their age and gender. Results: A total of 100 stroke patients took part in the trial. The 100 patients included 80 ischemic stroke patients and 20 haemorrhagic stroke patients. Males were responsible for 64% of all strokes. Females had 36%, whereas males had 36%. The average age of those involved in this occurrence was 50 years old. In 72 patients, age was found to be the most common predisposing factor for stroke, followed by hypertension in 65 cases, diabetes in 45 cases, smoking in 40 cases, alcohol in 50 cases, hypercholestrolemia in 35 cases, and others in 30 cases. Conclusion: Senility, as well as a lack of knowledge of concurrent conditions such as hypertension and diabetes, is a risk factor for stroke, according to this study.

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C. Yadavendra Reddy
Government General Hospital, Nalgonda, India.

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