A New Look at Space


Space is the primary place, among all the fundamental categories of physics, for everything that exists as a physical reality. Until the end of the nineteenth century, the general view was that there was a continuous “environment” known as “ether” that filled all space but was utterly intangible to people. The idea of “ether” was fully discarded from science after the investigations of Michelson and Morley, which described the principles of Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity. Electromagnetic waves propagate in an absolute vacuum, it was discovered. The requirement to recognise the presence of a specific “medium” filling space reappeared with the development of the General Theory of Relativity and quantum physics. “Physical field,” “physical vacuum,” scalar field (Higgs field), and other terms have been proposed. In this essay, the author posits a notion in which space-time is viewed as a physical system made up of physical substrate that manifests as a “absolute physical reality.”

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Abduhakim Muminovich Khadjibaev
Republican Research Center of Emergency Medicine, Uzbekistan

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