A New Design of Internal Model Controller for SISO and MIMO Systems


The studies of the Internal Model Control (IMC) structure of continuous and discrete multivariable dynamical systems are the main subject of the works included in this book. It is well known that the internal model control structure is reliable and enables taking into account the impacts of both modelling errors and outside disruptions. The corrector’s straightforward synthesis, ease of implementation, and explicit robustness adjustment are its key benefits. The limitations of this structure’s application, which is limited to stabilised or open-loop systems, are principally related to the requirement that the controller be stable and practical.

In this structure, the task of creating an inverse model of the system to be controlled serves as the crux of the controller synthesis. Additionally, it is frequently impossible to achieve the perfect inversion of the exact model, especially for nonlinear systems, when the model can present sub-models with non-minimum phases or modelling delays, when the order of the numerator is lower than that of the denominator, when the input number is higher than the output number, and in other situations. The internal model method to controller synthesis suggested in this book is based on a particular inversion applied at the LARA Laboratory to square SISO and MIMO systems. To achieve a potential model inversion in the situation of non-square MIMO systems, this approach has been modified in the first phase.  In the second step, we will create a model inversion technique based on the “virtual outputs” and “virtual inputs” approach for this class of non-square dynamical systems. Both MIMO systems with low and non-minimal phase delays can benefit from this inversion strategy. The achieved internal model controller exhibits good control and robustness characteristics, is straightforward, has a small number of tuning parameters, and is simple to implement in industrial processes.

Author(s) Details:

Ines Mahmoud,
Tunisian Ministry of Defence, Air Force Army, Aviation School of Borj El Amri, Tunisia and Automatic Research Laboratory, LA.R.A, National Engineering School of Tunis, ENIT, University of Tunis El Manar Tunis, Tunisia.

Imen Saidi,
Automatic Research Laboratory, LA.R.A, National Engineering School of Tunis, ENIT, University of Tunis El Manar Tunis, Tunisia.

Please see the link here: https://stm.bookpi.org/ANDIMCSMS/article/view/8039

Keywords: Internal model control, model inversion, internal model controller, stability conditions for IMC, static error, SISO systems, MIMO systems, non-square systems, discrete time systems, virtual outputs, virtual inputs, non square effective relative gain, robust control

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