A Need to Redefine Autism: A Review

This research explains the unique neurophysiological aetiology of autism, redefines autism in terms of this cause, and offers diagnostic criteria for autism. Autism spectrum disorder is currently diagnosed in one out of every 59 children (1.7%). (ASD). Autism was diagnosed in one out of every 250 people (0.4 percent) in the 1960s. Misdiagnoses caused by shifting criteria are mostly to blame for the seeming 420 percent rise in reported cases. The practise of phenotyping has been abandoned in favour of checking off symptoms on a checklist with just a rudimentary grasp of cause and effect. A broad ASD umbrella category is now being used to encompass a variety of disorders. This research explains autism’s unique neurophysiological aetiology, redefines autism in terms of this cause, and offers differentiated diagnostic criteria as well as a litmus test to determine whether someone suspected of being autistic has been accurately diagnosed.

Author (S) Details

David Rowland

Independent Researcher, Canada

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