A Mini Review on the Thyroid Function Status by Paired Test

By combining their reference ranges, we classified a population of 34159 FT4 & TSH paired test results. This established 9 groups and the association between them with class-specific hormonal ranges. The euthyroid population (24722) with normal FT4 and TSH had FT4 & TSH respectively (14.83-14.90 pmol / ml) and (2.40-2.43 μIU / ml). A case-alone FT4 can classify the class because a class’s FT4 has a substantial mean difference from all the remaining 8 classes (sig < .002) except in 2 unique cases that can be overcome by their TSH (sig.000). In all of our classes, there is no clear correlation between FT4 and TSH (r < .445) and so it warns against using TSH alone in diagnostic or follow-up environments. For all thyroid cases with abnormal activity, we conclude that the immediate useful performance of our analysis is the objective of a single biochemical goal. We believe that future research trends should concentrate on searching for individual class aetiology / cause(s) and the accumulated data of such studies can help us understand the phenomenon of shifting functional status of cases with particular aetiology, simplify diagnostic and therapeutic workups, and also establish better treatment protocols for common as well as uncommon & emerging disorders.

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Prof. Tofail Ahmed
Department of Endocrinology, Bangladesh Institute for Research and Rehabilitation in Diabetes, Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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