A Guidebook to Qualitative Inorganic Analysis

The goal of this book on qualitative inorganic analysis is to give students the tools they need to solve an unknown inorganic sample confidently in the time allotted for a practical exam. It emphasises learning the fundamentals of classical chemistry, including the detection of cations and anions as well as the dissolving elements of bringing them into solution. They allow a learner to fine-tune detection techniques based on the sample’s composition while maintaining the logical aspects. The present semi-micro analytical procedures are built on the foundation of dry/preliminary testing for cations and anions, as well as treatment of the Na2CO3 extract and its residue.

Author(s) Detalis

Parag Sinchan Roy
Professor of Chemistry (Retd.) University of North Bengal West Bengal, India.

View Book:- https://stm.bookpi.org/AGQIA/article/view/1895

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