A Detailed Study on the Effects of Corona

The Covid-19 crisis that we are witnessing right now has been a significant turning point in the lives of many of us, but it will definitely bring a drastic change in our lives. Through adaptation and harmony, we will live well enough that we can alter the way we interact with the same effect on us. But who’s responsible for a case like that? Human beings are the key. And there is no need for one to provide a research paper on this. We have to handle nature better if we want a better life. That is Corona’s message to us as Corona is a part of nature as well. Some of these behavioural improvements needed to conserve nature and the need to take immediate action to correct the wrongs done to nature are illustrated in the current article, otherwise a tiny creature such as a virus will bring the world to a standstill.

Author(s) Details

Dr. Shobha Misra
Department of Community Medicine at P D U Medical College, Rajkot, India.

Bhakti Sharma
Zydus Medical College, Dahod, India.

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