A Descriptive Study on Digital Classroom Enquiry System

Digital world is the one wherein the ideas and the services are being exchanged through Online
medium. In this digital world everyone can get connected with every other person for the process of
communication. In the process of digitalization, we have emerged into a new concept of digital class
room. This digitalization can be extended outside the classroom which shall make the digital
classrooms even smarter. This problem has been overcome by the digital notice boards. Even the
exams are also being conducted taking online as the medium. In this chapter a system has been
proposed which uses a digital touch screen placed outside a classroom. This touch screen is the
communication medium between the students and the teachers. Many a times the notices which were
kept on the notice boards where torn or scrambled by the students and were not of any use to other
students. The display screen is designed in such a way that every detail regarding the classroom can
be viewed on the display. Just a glance at this digital touch screen enables the students to understand what is going on in the classroom. This screen is accessible to anyone. The home screen of the display is designed in such a way that it gives the glimpse of the events happening in the

Author (s) Details

Dr. Sunil Bhutada
IT Department, Sreenidhi Institute of Science & Technology Yamnampet, Hyderabad, India.

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