A Critics on Nuclear Theory of Cultivation Science of Crops

The purpose concerning this work was to explain the study matters and the nuclear belief system of crop cultivation skill on the basis of the current situation and crop nurture science’s problems, practices in crop result, and some hypothetical perspectives. In this work, it was argued that a hypothetical system for Chinese agricultural education science keep not be developed without further showing and describing all of the education practices. Due to influence of scientific concept of westward scholars, belief of this applying subject only blocked on level of point obtaining from contacts usually terms between things, lacked well summarizing and abstraction, but chapters of this subject act basis of big farming conception, ecological farming, it embodied idea that admitting crop production only from complete interests, higher layer, larger range, including handing well friendship both between all of ecological systems and betwixt planting industry and farming, could well resolve problem of bread. Cultivation science of crops had itself distinguished study field, mainly were relationship ‘tween community and individual, contradiction with factors of society yield and its movement, science regularity of high- flexible. Putting forward new concept of Cultivation Science of Crops, it was science studying contradiction motion among yield factors of crop (extreme-yielding) community and evenness of regulation and control method. This concept emphasized the subject’s basic characteristics and features in addition to its differences from nearby issues. Comparing them to the current education materials used in land colleges, we developed relative nucleus believes and specific divisions of better crop cultivation science established demands of the growth of ecological farming, practices of crop production, and existent difficulties. Finally, the issue of the advancement of land cultivation science was elevated.

Author(s) Details:

Peizhan Tian,
Centre of Germplasm Introduction and Crop Breeding of Jilin Province, Changchun, China.

Please see the link here: https://stm.bookpi.org/EIAS-V7/article/view/11857

Keywords: Crop, cultivation science, nucleus theory

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