A Comparative Study on In-vivo Biocompatibility of Four Endodontic Sealers

The goal of this study was to compare the biocompatibility of two new calcium phosphate-based root canal sealers (CPC-I, CPC-II) to a commercially available zinc oxide eugenol-based sealer [Pulp canal sealer EWT (PCS EWT)] and Sealapex after implantation in rat subcutaneous tissue. The test ingredients were placed in sterile polyethylene tubes. The tubes were implanted in the dorsums of male rats, and the animals were euthanized after 1, 2, 4, and 8 weeks, yielding 5 specimens for each treatment. As a negative control, empty tubes were used. Inflammation, major cell types, and fibrous connective tissue thickness were all quantified next to each inserted sample. All sealers generated similar inflammatory reactions in the animals’ connective tissue at week one, with the majority of specimens demonstrating a moderate to severe chronic inflammatory response. CPC-II and (PCS EWT) caused a severe inflammatory response with the presence of acute inflammatory cells after 2 weeks, whereas CPC-I and Sealapex induced mild and moderate inflammatory responses, respectively. Connective tissue in touch with CPC-I and Sealapex was better organised after 4 weeks, but tissue in contact with CPC-II and (PCS EWT) had a moderate inflammatory reaction and similar effects. CPC-I, (PCS EWT), and Seal apex showed modest inflammatory reactions after 8 weeks. CPC-I elicited the least inflammatory response across all evaluation periods, with the exception of CPC-II, which did not exhibit any reduction in inflammatory response with time. Based on the histology findings of the investigation, CPC-I sealer can be assigned a favourable biocompatibility level.

Author(S) Details

Rania M. Khashaba
Department Oral Biology, Georgia Health Sciences University, Augusta, GA, USA and Department of Biomaterials, Misr International University (M.I.U), Cairo, Egypt.

Mervet M. Moussa
Department of Oral Pathology, Faculty of Oral & Dental Medicine, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt and Departmentof Basic Dental Science, College of Dentistry, Princess Nourah Bint Abdul Rahman University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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