A Case Study on Road Information System of a Modern City

This paper addresses the suitability and applications of GIS and GPS technology in the creation of a modern city interactive road information system (RIS) to help planners and administrators recognise the problems associated with rural road development activities, the location and provision of suitable facilities, the monitoring and maintenance of assets generated in rural road development activities, and the management of assets. This RIS offers an interactive database of knowledge consisting of a variety of utility resources available throughout the road network chosen. This interactive system gives a list of query-based services to end-users. These query-based services include road connectivity between each of the two points selected, distance and accessibility information, buffering services, etc. Knowledge bank and associated study of proximity, etc. During different emergency situations, it will also include the required details regarding various network analysis-based route information ( e.g. alternative route, shortest possible route, locating the nearest facility, etc.) in any selected location. This study confirmed the need, in an coordinated way, for road network planning in the city and this is the first step towards the development of the city. The RIS built under the GIS environment is successful in controlling, managing, planning and subsequent creation of the Agartala City road network.

Author (s) Details

Dr. Kamal Kumar Tanti
Department of Physics, Assam Energy Institute (a Centre of Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology, Jais, Amethi), Sivasagar, Assam, India.

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