A Brief Study on More Accurate Appreciation of the Statistical Information

As is typical, there are numerous instances where a man’s desire to treat/process statistical data collides with his need to do so (may be, about reliability of technical system, results of investigations or experiments about weather, temperature, pressure, productivity of labour and so on). Furthermore, all academics attempt to discover the correct law of distribution using certain mathematical equations/formulas or special methods to find a solution to the problem. In many circumstances, such a task is difficult. To validate accurately the usual conclusion of calculations [1-8,9,10,11,12], it is necessary to know absolutely well the theory of probability, rules of distribution (more than 30), and criteria (more than 10) In this article, two methods for ensuring that the researcher receives the correct end result without making any mistakes, as well as a more accurate interpretation of statistical data, are discussed.

Author (s) Details

Kirill Voinov
Saint-Petersburg, ITMO University, Russia.

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