A Brief Discussion: Me, Religion and Culture

The spiritual realm that envelops us, me-the creative person, religion-the uncontainable cosmos, and culture-is the triad that guides the essay. Religion and culture reflect certain soft human dimensions that rationalists such as economists and politicians generally do not investigate. Human beings, who are the initiators and the motivators of such systems, carry out all superhuman systems of faith and worship. Individuality is imperative because imagination and innovation are conceived. As long as it maintains a complex balance between personal rights, duties and responsibilities, it should be promoted. The negative opinion of Marx on religion is rejected because it is clear that religion was and still is a critical response to very ancient human needs. People have been in search of mysteries, unhuman incidents and disastrous occurrences since the early days of civilization. The proper response was found to be God and his postulates. A key component of any social system is culture, which is the expression of human physical and spiritual achievement. It is also mistreated because it is intangible and is concerned with values other than money. Culture must begin at home, before looking to global arenas, to ensure progress and further expansion. Its advocates must learn to deal with the new risks that have arisen from the rapid development of technology. Today’s world is shifting. Nothing is certain in the Post-modern period of the 21st Century. The only known thing at present is confusion. This condition allows religious individuals to pursue redemption from God and non-religious persons to promote escapism. Laypersons and talented individuals are split into people who are imaginative, reckless and egotistic. In this extraordinary transformation, which often looks like a revolt, both classes, the everlasting worshipers of religion, the advocates of multifaceted culture and the general public participate. The article concludes with a positive outlook and a hope that the Western Civilization will recover the leadership position of its world, provided the requisite restoration measures are taken.

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Amos Avny
Senior Management and Strategy Consultant, Omnidev International, Israel.

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