A Brief Description of the Relationship between the Fundamental Constants of Physics Obtained from the Uncertainty Principle for Energy and Time

An attempt is done to calculate the value of the elementary electron charge from its relation to the
Planck constant and the speed of light. The aim of the present paper is to demonstrate that, in fact, a
reference between e, h and c can be supplied in effect of i) an elementary analysis of the forces
entering the emission process of the electron energy, ii) an application of the uncertainty principle for
energy and time which couples the parameters considered in i). This relation is obtained, in the first
step, from the Pauli analysis of the strength of the electric field associated with an elementary
emission process of energy. In the next step, the uncertainty principle is applied to both the emission
time and energy. The theoretical result for e is roughly close to the experimental value of the electron

Author(s) Details

Stanisław Olszewski
Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences Kasprzaka, Warsaw, Poland.

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