Investigating the Differentiation of Exophytic Renal Masses with Determination of the Angular Interface to Renal Parenchyma in US and CT

Aims: Using the angular interface sign in ultrasonography (US) and computerised tomography ( CT) to assess if benign exophytic renal masses can be differentiated from malignant lesions. Background: For the interpretation of charecteristics of the cystic renal masses, the Bosnian classification of renal cysts has been widely used. Although the known sensitivity , specificity and […]

Reporting a Case of Gastric Lactobezoar – Ultrasound Diagnosis

In the sense of clinically presenting characteristics, gastric lactobezoars are observed in neonates and diagnosed with the aid of imaging modalities. Inspissed milk mixes with the mucous and contributes to ball formation such as semisolid mass. Preterm infants are typically present with abdominal swelling, with or without intestinal obstruction characteristics. In children of a higher […]