A Mini Review on Nutrition and Oral Health

Nutrition is an important component of systemic health because it helps to maintain a balance between the good and ill states. It plays an important role in preserving oral health as part of our daily diet and as a supplement. This article focuses on the importance of different nutrients in preserving oral health. When nutritional […]

Oral Health Promotion through Schools

The predominance of prevalent oral diseases such as dental caries and gingivitis seen in children and young adolescents will be significantly decreased by a combined school education, promotion and preventive programme. The lack of study time due to discomfort and apprehension before and after treatment will also discourage comprehensive school programmes. The need for an […]

Impact of Sports Drink on Oral Health

Sports drinks have risen rapidly in a few years due to lifestyle changes. Energy drinks improve physical endurance, promote metabolism, prevent exsiccation during exercise attempts and exchange electrolytes. These energy drinks, despite their vogue, have a low pH and are acidic in nature, and can cause dentin and enamel surface degradation, contribute to permanent loss […]