Research on Automatic Crack Detection for Concrete Infrastructures Using Image Processing and Deep Learning

Automatic crack detection is a critical task in the generation of a crack map for existing concrete infrastructure inspection. This paper describes an automatic crack detection and classification method based on a genetic algorithm (GA) for optimizing image processing technique parameters (IPTs). Under various complex photometric conditions, the crack detection results of concrete infrastructure surface […]

An Approach of Optimization Techniques for History Matching and Production Forecasting

Petroleum as a natural resource is depleting year after year, necessitating effective management of the resource and its reservoir. Reservoir modelling and production forecasting are critical inputs in this scenario for effective management. The spatial distribution of reservoir properties describing the reservoir and associated output profiles is difficult to estimate since naturally occurring reservoirs are […]

Estimation of Electric Power Demand Using Socioeconomic Variables: A Case of Indian Electricity Sector

The production and industrial growth of any country needs accurate forecasting of energy demand. In this research, per capita electricity demand is forecast using the Genetic Algorithm. As input data, socio-economic variables such as population, Gross Domestic Product, exports, and imports were used. Linear, quadratic and exponential models are used to forecast capacity. Performance parameters, […]