Research on Sustainable Conversion of Agriculture and Food Waste into Activated Carbons Devoted to Fluoride Removal from Drinking Water in Senegal

The aim of this research was to look into the development of activated carbons (AC) from cashew shells and millet stalks, as well as their fluoride retention ability. Senegalese agricultural residues were collected. It is well known that certain Senegalese areas, known as the groundnut basin, suffer from a public health issue caused by an […]

Silver Diamine Fluoride: Game Changer in Dental Public Health

A substantial part of the world’s population is affected by carious teeth, with the largest number of children affected. In susceptible, uninsured and financially poor groups , different lesions are more prevalent. An significant public health problem emerges from caries that are not handled for a very long period of time along with little use […]