Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis – Pilot Study on the Application of Extra-corporal Shockwave Therapy (ECSWT)

Scoliosis is a lateral deviation of the spine that has no known cause. Overgrowth of the vertebral column due to a lordo-scoliotic maladaptation of the spine to the subclinical (functional) tether of a relatively short spinal cord can cause the onset and progression of AIS.With the exception of spinal manipulation described by Tomaschewski and neurosurgical […]

Possible Risk Associations for the Formation of Antisperm Antibodies: A Review

Antisperm antibodies (ASA) have been shown to have a detrimental impact on infertility in studies. The exact aetiology of ASA formation, however, has yet to be determined. Many researchers have proposed potential risk factors for the development of ASA, although others have come up with conflicting results. This article uses MEDLINE, Google Scholar, and print […]

Environmental Sub-Epithelial Proteinaceous Keratopathy: A New Name for an Old Disease

Climate droplet keratopathy(CDK) is an ancient degenerative corneal disease of unknown aetiology that was first identified by us in Latin America in the Argentinean Patagonia region (El Cuy Department, Río Negro Province). The prevalence of CDK in this area (Area I) and its presence in other related climatic provinces of Argentina (Region II) have been […]