Strategy on Investment — Mathematics and Practice

This book collects papers of strategy on investment and its mathematical analysis, including: Diffusion
of Price Changing of commodity (or stock) of one source; and multiple sources and holding shares
strategy; the fractal PDE method to improve accuracy; Investment in hydrogen engine must be ended
with failure based on conversation law of energy; Simple differential equation of A & H stock price and
application to analysis of Equilibrium State; Strategy for Hold’En Poker and similar steps investment.
The diffusion equation of commodity price changing links inflation diffusion. Investment to a new field
should be checked by scientific law. The balanced position of a stock in A-share and H-share markers
with different prices is interesting to investors. The strategy for Hold’En Poker is a typical strategy for
uncertain event, including the strategy of cutting the way of contag

Author (s) Details

Tian-Quan Yun,
School of Civil Engineering and Transportation, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, China.

Tao Yun
IT Department, Zhuguang Group, China.

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