Spherical agglomeration is one of the novel technique used to increase the solubility and dissolution
rate of poorly soluble drug. Spherical agglomeration process improves the flowability and
compressibility of drug. Spherical agglomeration is multiple unit process in which crystallization,
agglomeration and spheronization can be carried out simultaneously. Formulated crystals can be
called as spherical agglomerates. Spherical crystallization technique has been successfully utilized for
improving of flowability and compressibility of drug. This technique may enable crystalline forms of a
drug to be converted into different polymeric form having better bioavailability. Design layout for 22
factorial designs design is applied to prepare different batches from F1 to F4 with appropriate
quantity. Solvent change method is applied for the crystallization process were speed of rotation was
adjusted as per the design layout. The particles further evaluated with different parameters. SEM of
standard batch was evaluated with size of particle. At last it was found that spherical agglomeration is
one of the technique through which we can design the particle with shape, we can increase solubility
of drug as well as dissolution and we can prepare different sized particles also.

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Swapnil Shankar Patil
Department of Pharmaceutics, Annasaheb Dange College of B. Pharmacy, Ashta, Tal–Walwa, Sangli-416 301, Maharashtra, India.

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