Teach Me How to Be a Teacher of Kindergarten: Expectations of Kindergarten Student Teachers from their Mentor Kindergarten Teachers

Teaching is a difficult task that requires both practical and theoretical knowledge. Students gain practical experience through practicums in kindergartens or schools. The student teacher receives training under the supervision of an experienced kindergarten teacher or teacher who serves as their mentor. The purpose of this study was to look into student teachers’ expectations of […]

Can We Move Beyond the Secular State?

The article argues for a reconsideration of secularization, which is frequently regarded as a necessary condition for a democratic state in the West. Because of its inherent incoherence and problematic consequences, the term secular should be abandoned. Deep reasons for objecting to such a proposal are discussed, including an affront to moral courage, confronting intellectual […]

The Vicissitudes of the Edo State Council for Arts and Culture’s Performing Troupe from 1996 to 2016

The ding-dong charade of the Edo State Council for Arts and Culture Performing Troupe (ESCFAACPT) cannot be separated from the establishment’s vacillating condition since its inception. This condition is predicated, first, on the council’s association with a cacophony of nomenclature, and, second, on the mindset of the various governors who have ruled the state since […]

The Wikipedia Editions of Low German and Other European Minority Languages

The online presence of Low German, a minority language spoken in northern Germany, as well as several other European regional and minority languages, is investigated in this paper. This article, in particular, presents the findings of a study that looked into how well or poorly these languages are represented in the popular online encyclopedia Wikipedia. […]

Analysing Lecturer-Student Interaction in EMI Undergraduate Lectures: A Sri Lankan Perspective

Interaction, particularly dialogic interaction in EMI classes, is regarded as critical for understanding the content and developing language skills. Although the value of dialogic interaction is widely recognized, studies focusing on interaction in tertiary level EMI classes are uncommon in Sri Lanka, and even more so in Asia. Furthermore, there is no mechanism in place […]

Integrated Approach to the Translation of English Idioms from Cultural Perspective

Translation is a difficult and fascinating task. Idioms are language’s crystallization. Idiom translation is a difficult task because language and cultural differences mean that not all English idioms have equivalents in Chinese idioms. According to research, the six translation tactics for translating English idioms into Chinese are literal translation, free translation, explanational translation, borrowing, compensating […]

The Triple Helix Argument for Establishing Partnerships between Physical Education and Industry

The purpose of this study was to discover methods for encouraging collaboration between the industry and the physical education academy. In-depth interviews were conducted with participants from the business and academic worlds. The Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation, and Communications (MCTIC) Innovation Portal and the representativeness of Brazil’s GDP were used to select the research […]

Spoken Political Discourse as Represented in the Hansard Proceedings

The Hansard proceedings record and transcribe spoken political discourse in the UK Houses of Parliament. This transcription and representation method captures the oral debates on Prime Minister’s questions during the weekly parliamentary sessions. This paper examines three areas of representation to determine how accurately spoken discourse is recorded. These areas are: lexical and grammatical fidelity, […]

The Effect of Job Satisfaction on Teachers’ Creativity in Using Subsidiary Materials in Learning English in Iranian English Institutes

Teachers’ job satisfaction and creativity in the teaching process are critical to the global growth of educational systems. Workplace satisfaction and creativity are critical in the lives of teachers because they are the driving forces behind the vitalization of the teaching and learning environment. The purpose of this study was to look into the effect […]

The Gardens in the Dunes of Leslie Marmon Silko as a Site of Cultural Resistance from Native Americans

Every society is heavily reliant on its culture. Cultural groups have different ways of thinking, feeling, and acting. In terms of culture, Europeans have always considered themselves to be superior to others. They’ve used their self-proclaimed cultural superiority to oppress people from other cultures. Because of their culture and race, Native Americans have been exploited […]