Pullout Capacity of a Vertical Plate Anchor Embedded in Cohesion-less Soil

In this document, the ultimate cohesion-less pullout capability of a shallow laid vertical plate strip anchor  With the consideration of active and passive limit equilibrium states in the soil, the soil is analysed.  The equation of Kötter is used to measure the active and passive thrusts that are subsequently used in  Analysis in which all […]

Latest News on Acid Soils : March – 2020

Global extent, development and economic impact of acid soils Acid soils occupy approximately 30% or 3950 m ha of the world’s ice free land area and occur mainly in two global belts where they have developed under udic or ustic moisture regimes. [1] Nitrification in acid soils: micro-organisms and mechanisms Nitrification in acid soils was […]


Soil testing for heavy metals Soil testing for metal contaminants is a continually evolving process aimed at improving the assessment of environmental and human health hazards associated with heavy metals in soils and plants. A number of challenges present themselves before accurate, reliable and precise contaminant hazard assessment criteria for soils and plants can be […]

News Update on Organic Manure Research: Dec – 2019

Organic manure phosphorus accumulation, mobility and management Organic manures are a crucial source of P which may make a big economic contribution to farm fertilizer policies. within the region of 119000 tonnes of P are returned annually to UK agricultural land within the sort of manures collected and handled on farms, with an estimated 66000 […]

Latest News on Soil Degradation Research: Dec – 2019

Soil degradation by erosion Soil degradation by accelerated erosion may be a significant issue and can remain so during the 21st century, especially in developing countries of the tropics and subtropics. Yet, its extent, severity, and economic and environmental impacts are debatable. Estimates of worldwide and regional acreage affected are tentative and subjective. Results of […]

Latest Research News on Soil Management: Dec – 2019

Agroforestry for soil management. This is the second edition of a book by an equivalent author previously published in association with ICRAF under a special title (Agroforestry for conservation, as No. 4 of the ICRAF series Science and Practice of Agroforestry) in 1989. it’s been nearly completely newly written, retaining only alittle amount of fabric […]

News Update on Poultry Manure Research: Dec – 2019

Poultry manure management: Environmentally sound options Increases within the demand for poultry products have led to rapid and concentrated growth of the industry, which has caused excessive manure supplies in certain areas. Although poultry litter is one among the simplest organic fertilizers available, and is a particularly valuable resource, excessive land application rates can cause […]