Category: Social Sciences and Humanities

Latest News on Gender Representation : July – 2020

Gender representation in English language textbooks used in the Singapore primary schools Two basal reader series used in the Singapore primary schools were analysed for discrepancies in the treatment of male and female characters. Imbalances were found in the female: male ratio, in the amount of speech given to characters, and in role‐representation. In both […]

Latest News on Good Governance : July – 2020

Civil servants in Malawi: cultural dualism, moonlighting and corruption in the shadow of good governance This study traces the implementation of the good governance agenda in Malawi from the loan documents signed by government representatives and the Bretton Woods institutions to the individual experiences of civil servants who responded in unforeseen ways to the reform […]

Latest News on Functionalism : July – 2020

The seductions of determinism in development theory: Foucault’s functionalism In 1985 David Booth wrote a seminal article in which he argued that development theory, mostly Marxist but also modernisation theory, was out of touch with reality, incapable of generating viable policy, and riven with meta-theoretical errors. He recommended a return to empirical case studies, the […]

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