Impact of Mobile Access to the Internet on Sales Completion Time in e-Commerce: Recent Advances and Development

E-commerce is being transformed into mcommerce with the help of a new generation of mobile devices. While traditional fixed PC Internet access is still important, mobile Internet access appears to be attracting more customers due to its flexibility. The purpose of this research is to create and test a mathematical model that captures how mobile […]

Device to Device Mobile Communication with Novel Key Exchange Protocol

The model decomposition and iteration techniques in Stochastic Petri Nets (SPNs) are used to derive its approximate steady state solution, which is used to obtain the approximate performance metrics of D2D communications in terms of average queue length, mean throughput, average packet delay, and packet dropping probability of each link. Simulations are carried out to […]

The Evaluation of Cloud Feedback at Local Scale either Cooling or Warming

Clouds have an impact on the climate in both positive and negative ways. In Logan, Utah, USA, a radiation station with two CM21 Kipp & Zonen pyranometers (one inverted) and two CG1 Kipp & Zonen pyrgeometers (one inverted) was set up to study these effects at the local scale. CV2 four The pyranometers and pyrgeometers […]

The Case Study of Forest Bioenergy as a Method for the Application of Stratified Random Sampling with Optimum Allocation

A methodology analysis was conducted in this paper for the application of stratified random sampling with optimum allocation in the case of a research topic involving the rural population and exhibiting high differentiations among the three strata into which this population could be classified. The rural population of Evros Prefecture (Greece) was divided into three […]

A Brief Overview of Gbagyi Beyekpe (Education) and Imperialism in Minna 1928 – 1960

The current chapter examined Gbagyi Beyekpe (education) and imperialism in Minna from 1928 to 1960. The Gbagyi in Minna first came into contact with imperialism in the early twentieth century. As a result of the Gbagyi’s interaction with imperial power, a new system of knowledge replaced the Gbagyi’s Beyekpe (education), which was a process of […]

A Comparative Study between Laser Beam Ceilometer and Algorithm for Continuous Evaluation of Cloud Base Height, Temperature, and Cloud Coverage in Logan City, USA

This article discusses how pyrgeometers, pyranometers, and some basic weather parameters can be used to evaluate cloud base height, cloud base temperature, and cloud coverage at the local scale throughout the year. Ground-based laser beam ceilometers are used at Automated Surface Observing Systems (ASOS) in major airports in the United States to measure cloud base […]

Does Mechanical Damage on Soybean Induces the Production of Flavonoids?

Plants respond to grazing by producing chemical defense compounds such as protease inhibitors and secondary metabolites such as flavonoids, making them less palatable for feeding and negatively affecting the physiology of insects. The purpose of this study was to assess the phytochemical response of soybean cultivars Glycine max resistant (IAC-17, IAC-24) and susceptible (IAC-P1) to […]

Research on Automatic Crack Detection for Concrete Infrastructures Using Image Processing and Deep Learning

Automatic crack detection is a critical task in the generation of a crack map for existing concrete infrastructure inspection. This paper describes an automatic crack detection and classification method based on a genetic algorithm (GA) for optimizing image processing technique parameters (IPTs). Under various complex photometric conditions, the crack detection results of concrete infrastructure surface […]

Assessment of Atmospheric Metal Pollution Biomonitoring Potential by Neem Tree (Azadirachta indica) Leaves in Katsina Metropolitan Area of Katsina State, Nigeria

Trace metal concentrations in plants and animals have been used as an indicator of environmental monitoring. Heavy metals from the soil primarily enter plants through the root system. In general, plant roots are the most important site for chemical uptake from soil. The leaves of the neem tree (Azadirachta indica) were used as a bio-indicator […]

Increase in Incidence of Spontaneous Combustion of the Skies, Forest Fires, Oil Tanker Vessel Fires, Earth Bursting, Death by Poisonous Gases, Increase in Stinging Insects, Wasps Accomplished by Global Contraception, Abortion, Eradication of Human Race with Putrefaction of Countless Aborted Fetuses

Spontaneous combustion of skies, resulting in forest fires, earth bursting, and sewage tank cleaners dying from toxic gas inhalation, is becoming more common; in the last decade, newer varieties of creeping, flying insects of larger size with stings have been observed. As a result, an altruistic analysis is performed based on observation and correlation with […]