Latest Research News on Vacuum : May 21

[1] Vacuum configurations for superstrings We study candidate vacuum configurations in ten-dimensional O(32) and E8 × E8 supergravity and superstring theory that have unbroken N = 1 supersymmetry in four dimensions. This condition permits only a few possibilities, all of which have vanishing cosmological constant. In the E8 × E8 case, one of these possibilities leads to a model that in […]

Latest Research on Vacuum Space : May 21

[1] Event Horizons in Static Vacuum Space-Times The following theorem is established. Among all static, asymptotically flat vacuum space-times with closed simply connected equipotential surfaces g00=constant, the Schwarzschild solution is the only one which has a nonsingular infinite-red-shift surface g00=0. Thus there exists no static asymmetric perturbation of the Schwarzschild manifold due to internal sources (e.g., a […]

Conservation Laws in Modern Physics with Technical Applications

Our book’s main goal is to demonstrate the profound unity of different branches of physics at the level of conservation laws and the medium state equation. Classical mechanics, gas and fluid dynamics, relativistic theory, thermodynamics, statistical and quantum physics are all explored in this path. The book is divided into ten parts, each of which […]

Understanding the Theory of Special Relativity

A characteristic of the formation process of Einstein’s theory of special relativity is the process of coherence between component theories in a conceptual frame growing by assumptions or premises acting as axioms to extract new theoretical theses. The first section of this book is intended to suggest, through this method of growing overall coherence, a […]

Discussion on World-Universe Model—Alternative to Big Bang Model

A comparison of the Hypersphere World-Universe Model (WUM) with the prevailing Big Bang Model (BBM) of Standard Cosmology is given in this manuscript. The BBM analysis performed reveals that the Traditional Cosmology Four Pillars are model-dependent and not large enough to sustain the model. One of the most important BBM problems is the angular momentum […]

Optimization of a Three-Axes Teslameter for the Calibration of the Next Generation Undulators

There are many commercial and scientific uses for the measurement of a three-axis magnetic field with high spatial resolution. One particular experimental application includes characterising in free electron lasers the field map of insertion devices. This work presents the development of a new, reduced form-factor, digital teslameter with three axes. At the Paul Scherrer Institute […]

Emphasizing the World-Universe Model Predictions

The World-Universe Model (WUM) suggested a mainly different way in 2013 to solve the problem of the accuracy of Newtonian Constant of Gravitation measurement and made some estimates of primary cosmological parameter values. A self-consistent collection of time-varying values of the World’s Primary Cosmological Parameters was discovered by WUM: Gravity Parameter, Hubble Parameter, World Age, […]

Investigation on the Consequences of a Strengthened Newtonian Gravity at Short Distances

In the middle ages, especially in astronomy and mechanics, the construction of the theory of movement of the solar planet system was a triumph of science. The confrontation that lasted for centuries between proponents of the Ptolemaic geocentric system and the heliocentric system of Aristarchus-Copernicus ended with the victory of the latter. A central interaction […]

Illustrating an Efficient 3-D Ray Tracing Method for Prediction of Indoor Radio Propagation at 28 GHz in 5G Network

The fifth generation networks would be dominated by millimetre wave technology due to the obvious The benefit of higher frequency and thus broader spectrum bands. The Indoor Radio Wave in this article The 28 GHz propagation is studied by the development of effective three-dimensional ray tracing (ETRT) Process. The ETRT model based simulation programme has […]

Relativity with a Preferred Frame

The theory named ‘special relativity (SR) with a preferred frame’ integrates the preferred frame into special relativity while preserving the basic symmetry of space-time that expresses itself as Lorentz invariance in the regular SR. At the cost of the right to allocate the one-way speeds of light that exist in special relativity, the synthesis of […]