Latest News on Marine Geology: Dec 2020

The role of downhole measurements in marine geology and geophysics During the last 25 years, downhole measurements have been increasingly used for scientific applications in marine geology and geophysics, particularly in deep‐sea drilling operations. Used mostly by the oil industry to map promising formations for exploration and production of hydrocarbons, a variety of instruments have […]

Which Geoelectric Array Sees the Deepest in Noisy Environment? Depth of Detectability Values of Multielectrode Systems over Various TwoDimensional Models

The two dominating difficulties of any geophysical measurement in the urban setting are as follows : ( 1) the area available for measurement is small, so the geoelectric layout length is also small; (2) the noise level is high, and the noise reduces the maximum depth from which any subsurface target can be detected. From […]

Studies on Multiplication of the Depth of Detectability Using y 11n Arrays

A basic parameter of all geophysical methods, including geoelectrics, is the depth of investigation (DI). A critical parameter in geophysical exploration has always been the depth from which knowledge can be accessed. This paper deals with the detectability depth (DD) of configurations of 2D electric resistivity tomography. In the presence of a given noise level, […]

Characterisation of Fractures and Fracture Zones in a Carbonate Aquifer Using Electrical Resistivity Tomography and Pricking Probe Methodes

In the carbonate aquifer, the goal was to determine the location, width and fragmentation degree of the fracture zones and the location, significance and characteristic distance of the fractures. These are fundamental parameters due to their role in the movements of subsurface water , e.g. in hydrogeological modelling of aquifers. However, defining small-scale fracture systems […]

A Study of Deep Geoelectric Structure and Its Relation to Seismotectonics and Economic Development of Saurashtra Region, Western India

One of the significant sections of the Indian continental lithosphere with fascinating geophysical anomalies, tectonothermal evolution since the Mesozoic times, is the Saurashtra Peninsula and its neighbouring regions covered by Deccan Traps (DT). For the understanding of seismo-tectonics and economic development of the region, knowledge of the deep structure beneath these formations is essential. After […]

Studies on the Correlation of North Magnetic Dip Pole Motion and Seismic Activity

In his paper, Viterito states that increasing seismic activity for the high geothermal flux regions (HGFA) of the globe is correlated with a correlation factor r of 0.785 with the average global temperature from 1979 to 2015 and that this explains 62 percent of the variation in the surface temperature of the earth. This makes […]

Development of an Environmental Cadastre Administrative System by GIS integration for the Environment Protection Agency in Sierra Leone

This paper explores the challenges facing the environmental licencing manual system and identifies solutions to current challenges by integrating a Geographic Information Systems ( GIS) to develop an Environmental Cadastre Administrative System (ECAS) that establishes a web-based database of information repositories developed with open source software (Java, PHP, MySQL, QGIS) that has been published. The […]

A Case Study on Road Information System of a Modern City

This paper addresses the suitability and applications of GIS and GPS technology in the creation of a modern city interactive road information system (RIS) to help planners and administrators recognise the problems associated with rural road development activities, the location and provision of suitable facilities, the monitoring and maintenance of assets generated in rural road […]

Assessment and Evaluating the Effects of Generalisation Approaches and DEM Resolution on the Extraction of Terrain Indices in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

In deriving primary topographic attributes that serve as input variables for a variety of hydrological and geomorphological studies, digital elevation model (DEM) data is basic. However, consensus on the influence of the source and resolution of DEM on the application of these topographic attributes to landscape characterization is still varied. At the same time, elevation […]

Climate Change Responsibles

The Covid disaster keeps ravaging Planet Earth. It is hardly a turning point for global environmental policy coordination. The economic costs of the corona virus are now arriving in the form of unemployment, lower production and steeply increasing deficits and public debt. How to manage the much needed climate change policies? The big polluters are […]