Latest News on Air Pollution : May 21

[1] Air pollution and health The book presents a comprehensive account of air pollution science and its impact on human health. It ranges in scope from meteorology, atmospheric chemistry and particle physics, to the aetiology and epidemiology of allergic reactions and respiratory, cardiovascular and related disorders. There is also international coverage and sections on cost […]

Latest Research News on Environmental Pollution : April 21

[1] Bankable permits for the control of environmental pollution Intertemporal trading of emission permits (banking) is often identified as one of three promising market mechanisms for controlling pollution (along with averaging and trading). Surprisingly, the efficiency properties of permit banking systems have not been investigated. Using a simple optimal control model, this paper investigates firms’ […]

News Update on Air Quality : April 21

[1] Indoor air quality and health During the last two decades there has been increasing concern within the scientific community over the effects of indoor air quality on health. Changes in building design devised to improve energy efficiency have meant that modern homes and offices are frequently more airtight than older structures. Furthermore, advances in […]

Sustainable Biological Life instead of Sustainable Development

It can be inferred on the basis of the evidence that such energetic and significant processes have occurred on our closed Planet since the emergence of the first living unit, quite different from the initial ones of its abiotic physical existence. The changes became more intense after the formation of the first human-like beings. The […]

Environmental Factors in Peatland Ecosystems

Since they act as a reservoir or sink of gases, the peatland ecosystem plays an important role in global climate change. Particularly in relation to climate change, there are many factors that affect the environmental impact of peatlands. Biological and chemical factors that can impact peatland ecosystems are the main influences. The biodiversity of peatlands […]

Study on Application of the Electrical Resistivity in Building Foundation Study around Led School Area in Bishini, Northwestern Nigeria

For the preparation of geoelectric sections along four cross sections, the findings from the 2-D interpretation of the VES data were used. The interpreted results showed that three to five layers of geoelectric sections consist of: top soil, laterite, lateritic clay, weathered layer and fresh basement. For the top soil, the resistivity value and subsurface […]

Advanced Research on Potential of Remote Sensing – A Review Based on Natural Disasters Occurred during the Last Decade in Chile

Chile has been suffering from a number of natural disasters over the past decade. Via natural disasters that have occurred in Chile over the past ten years, it is demonstrated how observations gained by various currently available Remote Sensing sensors have been successfully used on many occasions. The examples given in this article are based […]

Judaic, Christian and Islamic Leaders on Mitigating Human-induced Climate Change

In order to reduce the detrimental effects of human-forced climate change, leaders of Judaism, Christianity and Islam have openly urged intervention. Rabbi Arthur Waskow, Pope Francis, and Patriarch Bartholomew were especially prominent prior to, during, and after the 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. A party of […]

Analyzing the Soil Water Characteristic Curve of an Unsaturated Soil under Low Matric Suction Ranges and Different Stress Conditions

Under low matric suction ranges and various stress conditions, this analysis aims to examine the soil water characteristic curve of an unsaturated soil. For the design of geotechnical and geo-environmental structures such as road pavements, foundations, and ground dams, accurate assessment of unsaturated soil properties is important. One of the main characteristics of unsaturated soil […]

An Illustrative Study of Surface Radio Refractivity in Awka, South Eastern Nigeria

This work uses meteorological parameters of surface air temperature, pressure and relative humidity obtained from 2013-2014, respectively, to investigate the radio refractivity over Awka, South Eastern Nigeria, using Davis weather station vantage pro 2 (with Integrated Sensor Suite, ISS) located near to the ground surface. Data were collected at an interval of 30 minutes continuously […]