Variation in Soil Temperature Amid COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown in Mid Hills of Rajouri and Jammu Districts, J&K, India

The goal of this first investigation was to determine the effects of lockdown on soil temperature at various depths and to compare the results to the years 2018 and 2019. Results and Methodology: The descriptive statistics method was chosen to characterize the essential aspects of the data in the study. In Rajouri District, the variation […]

A Challenge to African Christianity: Human Dignity Stance of Umunna Solidarity in Igbo Traditional Society

Respect for human dignity is the pivot of social justice. The pre-colonial Igbo people of Eastern Nigeria had already established what comprises the foundation of a peaceful society before the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was published in 1948. They imbued the umunna solidarity with human dignity norms. Umunna is a group of brothers […]

Factors Influencing Information Source Utilization among Maize Farmers in Edo State, Nigeria

The factors of information source utilization restrictions among maize farmers in Nigeria’s Edo state were investigated in this study. In agriculture, the importance of knowledge in advancing agricultural progress cannot be overstated. Increased agricultural production and improved marketing and distribution techniques require more information. With the help of a standardized questionnaire approved by expert judgment, […]

Study on Simulation and Design of Various PI Controller for a Non-Interacting Systems: An Approach to Conventional and Computational Algorithms

This study looks at a variety of traditional and computational approaches for designing a PI controller. Many of the controllers utilized in the industry are PID controllers. To control any process, a mathematical model must first be identified, then a controller must be created and simulated to obtain the desired process behavior. A lab-scale noninteracting […]

The Active Role of Art Therapy in the Patient Community and the Effect of This Component on the External Body and Internal Spaces in Medical Centers

The use of art for healing is not a new phenomena, and the subject of art in healing has been discussed throughout human history for thousands of years. “For several centuries BC, artistic elements in the form of paintings and theater were used in the first civilizations to decrease fear and anxiety, build power and […]

Resolution of an Atypical Gingival Swelling Unrelated to Plaque and Tartar Treated with Probiotics of the Lactobacillus reuteri Group: A Long-term Success

Gum illnesses of the mucous kind are the most common in the oral cavity, but they’re also the ones that aren’t always identified correctly. In fact, many of them look identical and are difficult to differentiate morphologically, even though they are caused by separate sources with diverse etiologies and pathophysiology. We present a case of […]

Impact of Doubling Farmers’ Income on Area, Production and Productivity of Pulses in India: A Recent Study

India is the world’s largest producer and consumer of pulses, accounting for roughly 25-28 percent of global production. Pulses are called climate-smart crops because they can resist climatic unpredictability, use less water, enrich the soil, and provide a lot of nutrition to small farmers in arid and semi-arid regions of the world. Due to the […]

Study on Energy and Biofuels Generation from Biomass through Thermochemical Conversion Technologies

Biomass could be transformed into fuel in solid, liquid, or gaseous form using a number of modern technical production methods as a renewable energy source. This paper briefly describes thermochemical processes and conversion technologies, with a focus on direct combustion and pyrolysis. Because it can be converted into a more valued and useable fuel, the […]

Ethical Challenges in the Practice of Journalism in Nigeria

Since philosophers formed and dedicated themselves to the study of why human beings behave the way they do, as well as the repercussions of such behaviors, the notion of ethics has increased in prominence, as well as complexity and disagreement. Because journalism is a public-spheric profession in which truth, fairness, feeling of duty, and contemplation […]

Optimal Ordering Policy for Seasonal Products/ Newly Launched Fashion Items under Periodic Review

We investigate several characteristics that are expected to be connected with various forms of inventory, such as seasonal product inventories, newly introduced fashion items, electronic goods, mobile phones, and so on. With a ramp type demand rate, a periodic review inventory model is created. When the inventory on hand reaches zero, the inventory manager provides […]