Petroleum Contaminants from Spilled Soils in Niger Delta under Tropical Weather Conditions Studied with Validated and Traceable Methodology

Following a significant oil spill, soil pollution in the Niger Delta was explored. The contamination of soil contaminated by crude oil leaked from the Shell Petroleum marginal well head was researched a few weeks after the disaster. In the South-South Niger Delta, 50 soil soil samples (300-500 g) were collected at various locations. Control samples […]

Decomposition of Aqueous Hydrogen Peroxide by Colloidal Manganese Dioxide

In the absence and presence of aqueous perchloric acid solution, the kinetics of the breakdown of aqueous hydrogen peroxide by water-soluble colloidal manganese dioxide (obtained by reducing potassium permanganate with sodium thiosulphate) were investigated. With respect to [MnO2], fractional order with regard to [HClO4], and first order kinetics with respect to [H2O2], the reaction followed […]

Comparative Study on Metal Segregation of Bimetallic Nanocatalysts Prepared by a One-Pot Method in Microemulsions

A comparison of several bimetallic nanocatalysts made from microemulsion utilising a one-pot approach was conducted. The combination of experimental observations and simulation research provides a complete understanding of the elements that influence nanoparticle architecture: 1.- In bimetallic nanocatalysts, metal segregation is the result of a combination of three main kinetic parameters: metal precursor reduction rate […]

Effect of Shot Peening and Anodizing on Fatigue Crack Growth of Aircraft Material Al 7050-T7651: An Advance Study

The rate of fatigue fracture propagation of the 7050-T7651 aviation material after being subjected to an automatic shot peening machine and chromic acid anodizing (CAA) was investigated and compared to prior study findings. Shot peening is a surface treatment that involves firing shot material to create a dimple and residual stress on the working specimen’s […]

Immobilized Double-Racemase Hydantoinase Process for L-Amino Acid Production

Protein immobilisation is proving to be a cost-effective and environmentally friendly method of producing biochemicals with high yields. The “double-racemase hydantoinase process,” a system of four enzymes that produces optically pure L-amino acids from a racemic mixture of hydantoins, was optimised in this study. Protein hydrolysis, microbial fermentation, chemical synthesis, and enzymatic catalysis have all […]

Computational Studies and Geometry Optimization of Antidiabetic Drug, N,N-dimethylimido Dicarbo Nimidic Diamide

Metformin (N,N-dimethylimidodicarbonimidicdiamide) is an oral antidiabetic drug of the biguanide class. It is the first-line treatment for persons with type 2 diabetes who are overweight or obese and have normal renal function. ACD/I-lab was used to perform in silico nuclear resonance magnetic spectroscopy of metformin. Chemical shifts of methyl protons 6 and 7 occurred as […]

Experimental and Theoretical Study on Lipophilicity of Synthetic 1,2-dithiole Derivatives

The goal of this research is to establish the log Pwo partition coefficients of eleven compounds, including dithiolethiones, dithiolone, nitrone, 1,2-dithiole-3-imine, and other compounds, using two experimental methods: UV-visible and HPLC. We confirm the results using a theoretical technique for estimating log Pwo values, following the approach of the standard shake-flask approach. The value of […]

A Comparative Study on Phonon Spectrum and Thermal Properties of Graphene, Silicene and Phosphorene: Recent Advances and Development

We examine the vibrational and thermal properties of two-dimensional honeycomb lattices of graphene, silicene, and black phosphorene using first-principle calculations utilising density functional theory. We concentrate on the similarities and contrasts in their qualities, attempting to deduce their meaning from their lattice structures. We show that in silicene and black phosphorene, a phonon band gap […]

Implementation and Characterization of a Hybrid Composite Material with Two Particles of the Same Size: Coco Shells and Palm Shells

The goal of this research is to create and analyse a hybrid composite material made up of two identically sized particles. The hulls of palm nuts and coconut are used as reinforcing particles. Molding hybrid composite material composites in the form of specimens at 10%, 20%, and 30% mass fractions in various sizes produced hybrid […]

A Recent Kinetic Studies on Adsorptive Removal of Cd (II) From Aquous Solution Using Microalgal Resins

The use of microalgal resin to remove Cd from aqueous solution has been investigated. The percent removal of Ni was determined using a variety of experimental conditions, including beginning metal ion concentration, contact duration, and pH. More than 70% of the debris was removed in less than 120 minutes, according to the findings. This approach […]