Characterization of Polyhydroxyalkaonoate Extracted from Bacillus megaterium JHA and Its Biodegradation Studies

Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) are naturally occurring polymers that are generated as a source of energy by a variety of bacterial organisms. They can be used to replace petroleum-based plastics in a sustainable way. Bacillus megaterium JHA, a gram-positive bacterium isolated from oil-contaminated soil, demonstrated the ability to accumulate high levels of PHA on glucose as a […]

Latest News on Monoclonal Antibodies : Jan 2021

Heterogeneity of Monoclonal Antibodies Heterogeneity of monoclonal antibodies is common due to the various modifications introduced over the lifespan of the molecules from the point of synthesis to the point of complete clearance from the subjects. The vast number of modifications presents great challenge to the thorough characterization of the molecules. This article reviews the […]

Latest News on Myeloperoxidase: Dec 2020

Studies on the chlorinating activity of myeloperoxidase. Two methods were utilized to demonstrate the peroxidation of chloride ion to a free species (HOCl or Cl2) by myeloperoxidase. The peroxidase caused the volatilization of radioactivity from soultions containing hydrogen peroxide and [36Cl]NaCl, and catalyzed the formation of HOCl when solutions contianing these components were passed through […]

Latest News on Liver Enzymes: Dec 2020

Is Liver Biopsy Useful in the Evaluation of Patients with Chronically Elevated Liver Enzymes? Study Objective:To determine the diagnostic usefulness of percutaneous liver biopsy in evaluating patients with chronically elevated liver-associated enzymes. Design:Comparison of diagnosis made before biopsy by one physician on the basis of a noninvasive work-up (history, physical examination, laboratory values, and imaging […]

Latest News on Adiponectin: Dec 2020

Esteatosis hepática, resistencia a la insulina y adiponectina en una población con obesidadFatty liver disease, insulin resistance and adiponectin in an obese pediatric population Introduction To study the clinical and laboratory relationships of fatty liver disease in a group of obese children and to investigate whether circulating adiponectin is related to fatty liver disease. Patients […]

Latest News on Biochemical Parameters : Dec 2020

A toxicologist guide to the diagnostic interpretation of hepatic biochemical parameters Assessing liver damage in basic toxicology research and in preclinical toxicity testing is usually evaluated by serum biochemical parameters prior to confirmation by histopathology. With the advent of newer methods such as genomics and proteomics, there is increased enthusiasm to generate “novel” predictive markers […]

Latest News on Antioxidant Activities: Nov 2020

The Relative Antioxidant Activities of Plant-Derived Polyphenolic Flavonoids The relative antioxidant activities, against radicals generated in the aqueous phase, of a range of plant-derived polyphenolic flavonoids, constituents of fruit, vegetables, tea and wine, have been assessed. The results show that compounds such as quercetin and cyanidin, with 3′,4′ dihydroxy substituents in the B ring and […]

Latest News on Proximate Composition Research: Feb – 2020

Proximate composition of fish 1) Efforts over the past century to determine the proximate composition of fish are only partially successful, as many gaps in our knowledge still exist. 2) Large variations occur in proximate composition, both from species to species and also from fish to fish of an equivalent species. additionally , large variations […]

News Update on Carbohydrates Research: Jan – 2020

Determination of carbohydrates in foods II.†—Unavailable carbohydrates A fractionation and analytical procedure is described for the measurement of the unavailable carbohydrates in foods. The scheme provides values for water‐soluble polysaccharides, hemicellulose, cellulose and lignin. Tests wont to investigate the reliability of the methods are reported and therefore the results obtained with a variety of foodstuffs […]

News Update on Enzymes Research: Aug – 2019

Biomass Recalcitrance: Engineering Plants and Enzymes for Biofuels Production Lignocellulosic biomass has long been recognized as a possible property supply of mixed sugars for fermentation to biofuels and alternative biomaterials. many technologies are developed throughout the past eighty years that enable this conversion method to occur, and also the clear objective now could be to […]