Latest News on Gender Studies: March 2021

Intersectionality: How Gender Studies Might Inspire the Analysis of Social Inequality among Migrants The paper discusses the possible impact of the intersectionality approach on the study of inequality and the inclusion/exclusion of migrants. Developed from recent strands of gender studies performing a ‘social re‐turn’, the focus on intersectionality promises to solve one of the fundamental […]

Research on the Competency of the Post Graduate Teachers in Appreciating English Poetry

The Post Graduate Teachers teaching English as a second language to Higher Secondary Classes that is 11th and 12th grades need to cultivate a good sense of appreciation for poetry. They need to inherit the thirst for reading poetry aloud and competence to elucidate the essential characteristics of poetry. A study was launched to understand […]

Studies on the Role of Political Leaders in Enhancing Peace and Tranquility

Political leaders play an important role in facilitating peace and tranquility. Their vitality is appreciated due to the fact that they have followers- people who believe in what they say and act accordingly. This chapter is cemented on the speech of the considered one of the gurus of development management in the world, when he […]

Emphasizing Tanzania Development Bailout: A Focus on Improving Agricultural Production

This chapter aims to discuss measures that need to be employed to boost the agricultural production in country like Tanzania. The objective of the study is to assess the perception of agronomist on what do they consider to be barriers for agricultural improvement in Tanzania, and to propose solutions for the ultimate sustainable agriculture in […]

A Critical Study on Transparency Enhancement in Tanzania: A Focus on Local Government Administration in Mbeya District

Transparency is advocated as one of the key factors for enhancing good governance. It includes the ability of the government, government machinery and private firms to observe laid procedures, and in that regard without having undue influence. Transparency is pre-requisite for proper management of both government and private entities. It includes ensuring that resources both […]

The Report of a Comparative Analysis of Nutrition Science Coverage by Popular Indian Daily Newspapers

This study assesses the coverage of nutrition related topics by leading English and Telugu language newspapers in India for six months and comparatively analyzes number of articles, visuals and priority in space allocation. News media over or under emphasize certain aspects of science topics for a variety of reasons, such as competition to attract readers […]

A Study on the Influence of Modifications to International Programs in a Region – Focusing on the UNESCO Global Geopark Program in International and Japanese Contexts

This study attempts to clarify how international discussions related UNESCO Global Geoparks were reflected in the geopark program in Japan by examining movements and discussions of international and regional organizations which took roles for the establishment of geopark initiatives, focusing up to 2015 when UNESCO officially launched the program. The process up to the establishment […]

Vicente Blasco Ibañez: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the Civil War of Europeans as a Cultural Struggle and the First Worldwide Plague

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, a novel about the First World War, was written in 1916 by the Spanish author Vicente Blasco Ibáñez. Ibáñez was a liberal intellectual and opponent to German militarism and the Dinasty of Austria, whose kings were been intolerant and retrograde during its rule of Spain in the Seventeenth Century. […]

Understanding the Reason of State in the Philosophical Works of Niccolo Machiavelli

Every state has its own reason of survival whether it is democratic or undemocratic, constitutional or unconstitutional, tyrannical or republican. Thus, the concept of reason of state depends on the nature of the state. Reason of state in a democratic order is different from that of undemocratic state. This study gave more emphasis on the […]

Similarities and Differences between Adult and Child Learners as Participants in the Natural Learning Process: Scientific Approach

This paper compares Brian Cambourne’s Conditions of Learning [1], APA’s Learner-Centered Psychological Principles [2], and Malcolm Knowles’ Adult Learning Theory [3]. These theories embrace the natural learning process and not the traditional view of learning. The traditional view suggests that the teacher has the knowledge, the learner is dependent on the teacher to disseminate the […]