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Latest News on Teacher satisfaction : May 2022

Moving into the third, outer domain of teacher satisfaction Models of teacher satisfaction post‐Herzberg have generally presented two mutually exclusive domains of teacher satisfaction/dissatisfaction. However, use of a survey with 2,000 teachers and school executive in England, New Zealand and Australia has provided evidence for a third domain of teacher satisfaction/dissatisfaction grounded in the wider […]

Latest News on Entomology and Nematology : May 2022

Insecticide resistance in field populations of Asian citrus psyllid in Florida BACKGROUND: Asian citrus psyllid (ACP), Diaphorina citri, is a major pest of citrus because it vectors the putative causal agent of huanglongbing disease. Insecticides are currently the basis of psyllid management programs, and the number of annual insecticide applications has increased significantly. In this […]

Latest News on wheat cultivar : Apr 2022

Effects of Wheat Cultivar and Nitrogen Application on Storage Protein Composition and Breadmaking Quality Influences of cultivar and nitrogen application on protein concentration and composition, and amount and size-distribution of different protein components, were investigated in 10 spring wheat cultivars (Triticum aestivum L.) with widely varying gluten strength, grown under four nitrogen fertilizer conditions. The […]

Latest News on poultry feeding: Apr 2022

The metabolizable energy of poultry feeding stuffs in relation to their chemical composition The metabolizable energy values of 17 samples of cereals, cereal by-products and mixed rations have been determined with laying hens. They ranged from 1300 to 3500 kg.-cal. per kg. and, where comparison with the findings of other workers has been possible, agreement […]

Forecasting of Early Maturing Pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan) Yield for Central Zone (CZ) of India

The purpose of this study was to use Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average, Exponential smoothing, and the Neural Network (NN) model to produce a better forecast for yield of early maturing pigeonpea planted in India’s central zone. The constructed model’s performance was evaluated using various selection measure criteria, with the model with the lowest value of […]

Assessment of Early Calves’ Weaning Diet as Milk Replacer for Smallholder Dairy Production Systems in Kenya

Kenya’s small-scale dairy farmers are becoming more interested in selling milk to augment their income, especially during the dry season when milk prices soar. In smallholder dairy production systems, this results in low calf growth rates, high calf mortality rates, late maturation, and total economic losses. Early weaning formulae as milk replacers developed in a […]

Information Technology in Indian Agriculture: An Approach towards Developments and Perspectives

In Indian agriculture, information technology (IT) plays a significant role. Information technology (IT) can be described as the use of data to enable or improve products or processes. This chapter looks at a variety of information technology uses in agriculture and speculates on their future prospects. Precision farming is a farm management approach that uses […]

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