CALL, Online Materials, Learning English Idioms and Motivation

Idiom as a major component of language learning has been the objective of numerous studies, each
of which has its own contribution to the field. Idioms are indispensable components of language
learning, especially in oral communication. Language learners with low knowledge of idioms might
have some difficulty getting into casual conversations apparently due to frequent use of idioms in
vernacular language. On the contrary, learners with higher knowledge of idioms tend to engage
successfully in informal conversations. In the era of technology, one way of teaching idioms is through
online resources. Considering the importance of idioms, this study tried to investigate the effect of
CALL and online materials on motivation and idiom learning of Iranian intermediate EFL learners. To
this end, seventy-five EFL learners aged from 17 to 21 were chosen through convenience sampling
from Kalameh language institute. Forty-eight of them were considered as homogeneous members
after administering OPT, Pretest of idiom and motivation. Then, they were randomly assigned into two
groups: experimental (n=24) and control group (n=24). The comparison of the means of the pretests
showed that they were homogeneous in terms of general language proficiency, idiom and motivation
prior to the treatment (p>0.05). The experimental group received the treatment, computerized
dictionary, and online materials in two idiom websites; and The website contained online test practice and sample sentences, so
participants could practice the online activities. The control group received conventional classroom
instruction and no special technology was used. After the treatment, by pre-test/ post-test comparison,
researcher found that participants of experimental group, who were exposed to CALL and online
materials, performed significantly better on the tests of idiom and motivation (p<0.05). The results can
have some implications for teaching and learning of L2 idiom learning and classroom motivation.

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Fatemeh Alipanahi
Zanjan University, Zanjna, Iran

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