Bioactive Ingredients in Germinated Brown Rice and Its Consumption

This study was aimed to investigate the content of bioactive ingredients and antioxidant properties of
brown rice and germinated brown rice and evaluate the status of using germinated brown rice of
consumers. The total phenolic content, total flavonoid content and percent DPPH inhibition were
measured at different wavelengths by a 96-well spectrophotometer. The quantitative results of the
germinated brown rice extracts treatments showed the presence of phenolic compounds, flavonoids
and the ability of DPPH to inhibit free radicals. The highest total phenolic content was observed in
GL8 with 1465 μg GAE per gram of dry matter and the lowest treatment was 525 μg GAE per gram of
dry matter. The highest total flavonoid content was found in the GL6 treatment with 193 μg QE per
gram of dry matter and the lowest treatments was 27.95 μg QE per gram of dry matter. The inhibition
percentage for scavenging DPPH radical was highest in the GL10 treatment, being 78.38%. More
than 80% of consumers agreed that germinated brown rice more nutritious, 65% of consumers
reported the positive effect of germinated brown rice in reducing blood sugar after using for 3 months

Author(s) Details

Do Tan Khang
Biotechnology and Development Institute, Can Tho University, Vietnam.

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